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Government of Children is a pioneering transmedia documentary franchise (3D Film / Web / VR) aiming to empower children from all over the world to see themselves as young leaders, to imagine their societal future and to share their long-term views - how would education, health care, transporation, technology evolve in the future from their perspectives? How would they solve real-world problems such as gun violence, homelessness, extreme poverty? Children have no rights to vote in our societies, however their vision if heard and taken seriously, can shape their own community in unprecedented ways. Their visions would be discussed and archived in an ongoing documentary film with immersive and interactive extensions, addressed to young generations (but also secretly aiming to reach the adulthood). We are inviting visionary children of 6-12 years old, from a diversity of ethnic, social, educational backgrounds. Each child will be invited to share their vision of the future and to co-create the visual inserts representing their views. We will personalize the set design depending on their chromatic preferences.

Director's Statement

“As a child, I imagined the government as a space of freedom where people of all ages, genders and professions are entitled to voice their opinions. Children have no rights to vote in our societies, however their vision if heard and taken seriously, can shape their own community in unprecedented ways. The core of this transmedia documentary is to empower children to share their visions.How do they perceive the core- problems of our society? What solutions would they envisage? How would they imagine the future of architecture, education, transportation? A personal incursion into the micro- history of our contemporary issues. In the context of March for our Lives, this initiative becomes not only complementary, but vital.Children matter.More than “delightfully sweet creatures”, they matter as young leaders.Countries like Turkey or Denmark allow one day per year to invite children in the Parliament house.the gesture, although symbolic, might be borrowed in more nations.Our goal now is - how would Italian children respond to this civic imagination challenge ? “We are called to be architects of the future” said once Buckminster Fuller and I feel this applies flawlessly to our ordinary life, as children, teenagers, adults or seniors.I am highly delighted to bring my contribution to a daringly playful cinematic vision du monde.Conceived as a long - term transmedia storytelling project, this is an artistic, educational, social and visionary statement of our times.” - Ioana Mischie


The team of Government of Children 3D reunites a transdisciplinary group of multi-awarded visionary thinkers, cinematic storytellers film creators, technologistsi, artists, ethicians and educators.

The 3D Film

Ți-ai imaginat vreodată cum ar arăta țara noastră dacă ar fi condusă de copii? Ce măsuri ar lua ei pentru a face oamenii mai fericiți? Cum ar încerca să combată poluarea, conflictele sau inegalitatea socială? Ei, bine, avem sute de idei pentru un viitor mai bun! Filmul Guvernul Copiilor este primul documentar 3D realizat în România care aduce împreună 100 de copii vizionari pentru a-și imagina cum ar evolua societatea în următorii 100 de ani. Începând cu 1 iunie, vino să descoperi în cinematografe lumea în care și-ar dori copiii să trăiască!

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Cât au durat filmările Government of Children 3D?

Filmarea propriu-zisă a însumat 11 zile intensive, timp în care ne-au trecut pragul peste 100 de copii. Post-producția filmului stereoscopic a însumat 11 luni de zile.

Ce anume vizează Government of Children 3D?

Universul transmedia Government of Children încurajează imaginația civică a copiilor, arhivarea viziunilor lor de leadership și adoptarea unor viziuni constructive în societate. Este un proiect artistic, educațional, tehnologic unic în lume.

Ce tehnologii inovatoare folosește Government of Children 3D?

Filmul stereoscopic Government of Children 3D a folosit pentru prima dată în lume Alpha 3D rig, o tehnologie stereoscopică inițiată de Stereographer, din Budapesta, Ungaria.

Cum a fost finanțat filmul stereoscopic Guvernul Copiilor 3D?

Filmul Guvernul Copiilor 3D a fost creat independent, fiind produs de Storyscapes și Studioset, cu sprijin tehnologic din partea UNATC-CINETic, dat fiind faptul că proiectul este parte dintr-o lucrare doctorală. Ulterior, pentru etapa de distribuție, proiectul a obținut un sprijin minim de la CNC și UCIN.


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